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Allow Your Days To Flow With Ease

When you're stressed out working too many hours or running around after other people, it begins to show. You can keep fighting the good fight or you can say something to yourself that could change your life forever! (You can even do this while multitasking)

Welcome to the Divine Love Club™


  • 5 Minutes To Open & Heal The Self

    5 minutes a day is all it takes for you to let go into flow. Every month you receive a new flower essence meditation to deepen your ability to relax and allow more ease and happiness in your life. The flowers have the ability to heal emotional and physical blockages in your system that stop you from having more love, fun and joy in your life. Simply start your day by giving yourself the gift of a flower essence meditation and know that you are supported.

  • 15 Minutes To Express & Build The Self

    Effortlessly let go of external stress and allow the flow to align the internal ease through 21 days of remote entrainment facilitation in the form of Divine Love Activations. This part is completely done for you. In 15 minutes for 21 days a month, you will receive a group facilitation which will release blockages you didn’t even know existed. Even though this is a group process, the activation is completely personalised in a way that is easy and gentle on your system.

  • 1 Hour To Work Together On The Self

    Monthly group coaching calls remind you of your inner beauty and allow you to ask any questions you may have – Health, Relationships, Family and Career! As you go through your life, you will have issues that arise. When that happens, simply email or call into the group coaching call and have the opportunity to be facilitated to let go and let flow into another possibility. Thousands of dollars worth of facilitation at your fingertips.

  • Many Ways To Centre The Self

    All Divine Love Club content from the past is available for your exploration. There is a solution for any issue you may have at the tip of your fingers. Previous meditations, previous coaching calls and discounts to other courses and programs Rosemary offers.

  • Expand The Self (Bonus)

    Subliminal affirmations playing in the background for Creativity, Beauty/Anti-aging, Stress-Less and more with Trypnaural music will infuse into your day-to-day consciousness. These audios are extremely effective to use when you are running around after others. It will also assist other people listening and assist in the letting go into flow process.

  • Love The Self (Bonus)

    Connect with and open your heart through a 21 Days Into Love video course. Used in conjunction with the remote activations to assist with letting go into flow. Use the simple techniques in this course to have a better relationship with your partner, your children and your work colleagues. Don’t be fooled by the simplicity, they really to work.



Life is filled with stress, expectations, business, perfectionism and overwhelm.


When it feels like you're the one who is relied upon to race around after the kids, to do the best you can at work and to look after your partner or other members of your family, WHO LOOKS AFTER YOU?


When you don't have 2 minutes to care for yourself, to stop and breathe, WHO SUPPORTS YOU?


When the only time you are able to relax is on holidays and you end up getting sick, WHO IS THERE FOR YOU?


If we don't look after ourselves, if we don't take 5 minutes in our day to breathe, our health suffers, our relationships suffer and our work suffers.


Is it time for you to take care of you? To let go of the stress and step into the ease and flow of life?

Is it time for you to have more joy, more fun and more creativity in your life?

Is it time to say YES TO YOU?

What if you could say YES?

Would you?


What if the time was NOW!


What if, with the support of all the tools in the Divine Love Club, your life could transform from being one filled with stress to one of ease?

Just imagine what your life would be like... Yes, you could finally breathe...


This is your invitation to change your life's path, to get off the hamster wheel and show the people around you that you are more than a wife, a mother, a daughter, a sister, a employee or an employer.

Show them that you are a WOMAN OF INFINITE POSSIBILITIES and transform your life as a member of the Divine Love Club.


All it takes is for YOU TO SAY YES TO YOU!



Hi Lovely,

Firstly, I would like to say, thank you for taking a moment to want something more for your life. Some time to breathe, some time to open up to what else may be possible for you.

I feel your struggle, your pain and your knowing that there must be more in life for you than simply running around after other people. There must be something more than being responsible for others and not receiving any support in return.

I also know, after coaching many women, that we truly want the best for our family, work and our loved ones, however we tend to forget about ourselves and that's what leads us to overwhelm, stress and heart ache.

My job and my desire is to assist as many women as I can to let go of the stress of life and to move into the flow of life.

When this happens, the magic shows up in your life and in the life's of those around you.

I see you, I know you are beautiful.

I also know that you are doing the best you can and with a little bit of support from the facilitation in the Divine Love Club, you can transform your life.

Come and play with me and the other members. We're waiting for you on the inside.

Loving you... Loving life...

Activations With Coaching Calls or Without...

A lot has changed, the situ with my 17 year old has shifted,and things are improving; I feel like I can manage the circumstances better. I have a clarity on my relationships and work, I have more trust in my convictions. The first week I had so much energy, then I had an upset stomach for a while, a lot of weird dreams! (or maybe it was the cheese and wine!!)

- Virginia

Thank you for an awesome 21 days. I definitely feel calmer, more positive and motivated, and for the first time in 9 months am sleeping without assistance. The first half I felt really energised and fantastic, and the last half I felt there were things coming to the surface that I had to let go of, and that felt good too, even if it meant I felt sad or grumpy at times. I definitely feel after the process that I am in better shape emotionally and feel better about myself and am really looking forward to the next 21 days. Thank you!

- Tracey

A terrific First Week.  I seem to have moved huge obstacles. I am much lighter and happier. At the end of the week I felt on cloud nine,in fact quite euphoric.  Tony is less grumpy and more attentive.  He is still stubborn.  I have also managed my eating better, in fact I have lost 2 kilos.

- Diana

A beautiful but cold Saturday morning and I'm sitting here reflecting on the past couple of weeks. I'm terrible with time and have no idea what day we are up to, but boy its been a ride. A few days before the lovely Renae let me know about this process, I was praying for something to help me move forward, I have what appears to be a brilliant life on the outside but I often get stuck in the darkness. Rosemary Davey, you have helped me shift 180 degrees, back into the light and its wonderful. This journey has been for me about reconnecting, so many people have come back into my life, some for a short time, some for longer and have reminded me of where I have come from and the endless possibilities of where I can go. Thankyou all for sharing the journey and may you also enjoy the endless possibilities xx

- Sharon

It is so hard to put into words what this 21 days has done for me.  I have been raving about it to so many people already but to put it succinctly??
I guess the main thing is that I have gone  from truly believing that no one cared about me, and what is the point of life?... to overnight feeling great, that life is wonderful and I do have many who care about me.   I have done much healing over the past few years and have come so far, but I still kept being pulled back by my self sabotage and my limiting beliefs.  I would try so hard, but I could not get past them.  I knew they were holding me back big time. I have so enjoyed this time of healing.  I can really feel the difference!!
I have gone from crying constantly to feeling great. And there have been changes in my life also... I am so excited to see what will happen next.  I would love to keep doing this indefinitely!!!   How many times can we do it Rosemary??   I am already, and will definitely continue to recommend this to everyone that I know.  Thank you Rosemary.

- Tanya

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • q-iconWhat is a Divine Love Activation exactly?

    A Divine Love Activation is a form of distance or remote healing. In it’s essence it is a request to the Divine/your higher self/morphic field to alleviate any issues the recipient may be going through at that moment in time. There is no transference of energy from the facilitator to the recipient. This form of remote healing has been proven to work by many scientists and researchers such as Lynne McTaggart and Dr Robert Sheldrake.

  • q-iconHow will I know that I am receiving the Divine Love Activations?

    Every night before you go to sleep ask your knowing, have I received a Divine Love Activation today? If you receive a yes, fantastic! If you receive a no, ask your knowing if you are willing to receive the activations and if you receive a yes or a no, contact support and we’ll work out why you’re not receiving them.

  • q-iconWhat benefits will I notice when receiving Divine Love Activations?

    As the facilitator works with the energy field around you and not your physical body and conscious mind, you may not notice any difference. However, what has been reported by recipients is that they feel calmer and others notice a change within them before they do. Depending on the theme of the month, relationships may heal, moods may lift and recipients have reported a general sense of well being within themselves. Every recipient is different and the facilitator can not guarantee the change the recipient may be consciously looking for.

  • q-iconWhy does the group energy matter?

    There is a synergistic effect when people come together that is stronger than when the processes are done as a single person and as a member of the Divine Love Club™ you will find that you will be a contributor and a recipients of the activations. This will in no means take energy away from you. You will be energised because of it.

  • q-iconWhat if the questions in the Coaching Calls don't pertain to me?

    When a member asks a question in a Coaching Call, it will contribute to the energy of the group. The subject matter may not be of interest to you, however, the energy that will shift because of the question being asked will have an effect on every member of the group. When listening to the Coaching Calls please be open to possibilities and hold the space of the highest expression of the group.

  • q-iconWhat do the Flower Activations do?

    Flower Essences are very powerful tools to transformation. Go out into the garden, think of an issue you may be having, put your hand over a flower and see what happens. Many times your thought form will transform into a new possibility. This is what the Flower Activations will do for you if you listen to them on a regular basis. The activations give you the opportunity to be in a garden even when you’re racing around, stressed out, trying to get everything done. Don’t underestimate the Flower Activations.

  • q-iconI've joined after the 1st Tuesday of the month, will I receive the 21 days of Divine Love Activations this month?

    Unfortunately, no. You’ll need to wait until next month to join in with the Divine Love Activations. In the meantime, all members have all past and present Flower Essence Activations, Coaching Calls and Bonuses for you to use. And if you ever choose to leave the Divine Love Club™, your last payment will include the 21 days of Divine Love Activations so it will even out in the end.

  • q-iconI'm not available at the time of the Coaching Calls. Will they be recorded?

    Yes, all Coaching Calls will be recorded and you can ask questions beforehand that Rosemary will either answer on the call or facilitate a remote activation for you. All members have access to all previous monthly Coaching Calls in the membership area.

  • q-iconHow will the Divine Love Club™ impact my life?

    When you become a member of the Divine Love Club™, you are giving Rosemary, as the facilitator, permission to ask the Divine to resolve any issues or blockages that are stopping you from being the love that you are. When this happens, you may find that even though dramas are happening around you, there is an ease that you haven’t felt before. You may also find that your relationships are more loving. Forgiveness has been know to happen spontaneously and aches and pain eases. Life may become more abundant, joyous, fun and relaxed. The only way to know for sure how it will impact you personally, is to join us.

  • q-iconWhat if I need to cancel my subscription?

    That’s easy… Simply go to the support page in your profile section and let us know. We will cancel your membership straight away.

Activations Only

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$47 is automatically billed every 30 days until you cancel.

Activations and Coaching Calls

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This is a really busy time of year at work for me, and the first week was one that could have been very stressful.  Instead I felt energised but calm.  I worked long hours, but made sure to take time for Pilates.  I was able to influence people to get results I needed without being anywhere near as stressed as I normally would have been.  I’ve been able to openly discuss some issues with our new team leader, to a positive outcome. 

Then on the Saturday of the first week, I had a remedial massage (due to all the computer hours) that really knocked me down.  I honestly had a hard time thinking after the massage was over. ... 

Second week seems to have mostly been about physical pain.  The physical pain continued into the 3rd week, but not nearly as bad.  ...

Sad for some of the events in my friends’ lives, but recognise I’m not here to fix, just to support. Somewhere during the latter part of the process I acknowledged that I have not asked my body about its requirements since I came back from holidays, but that I’m ready to pay attention again.

So, did the 21 days help?  Probably, don’t know for sure.  Am I going to sign up for the next one?  Definitely.  Can’t hurt, might help. ; )

- Cheryl

This 21 day process has reminded me of the power of group healing. The energy of the group has enabled so much to come up within me to clear. My body has gone from barely being able to walk one day to feeling great the next and the awareness that I gained along the way has been amazing. I have been able to work through deep seated limitations that I have had in place for many years and now am feeling like I am able to let them go and choose something else, something that is just for me. I continue to be amazed by the joy and calm that Rosemary is bringing to the group. I can’t wait for the next 21 days.

- Scott

Activations Only

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This is a monthly subscription.

$47 is automatically billed every 30 days until you cancel.

Activations and Coaching Calls

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This is a monthly subscription.

$67 is automatically billed every 30 days until you cancel.

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